Money Saving Techniques on Auto Body Shop Vancouver

Have gotten yourself involve in not so serious fender bender situation? Have you intentionally bumped your husband’s car after seeing that he was having an affair? Have you accidentally avoided a little puppy and hit a pole? Surely, the first thing that you would cry over is the expenses you’d have to shell out, especially when the auto’s body needs to be thoroughly fixed.

Well, do not despair my friends as auto body shop Vancouver specialists share you their easy and quick money saving techniques in these situations.

Auto repairBuckle up and listen with an open mind and eyes.

People most often rely on their insurances to actually save their junk car and let it be rejuvenated by the insurer’s chosen auto body shop.

For most, this is quite fine, but for many they seem to have acquired less from what they have expected from the auto body shop.

Do you know why? It is simple.

For those of you who are quite satisfied with your insurance saving your day, just make sure you have reached their quota of repairs that is limited to $500.

If you have exceeded by another half, then you better be prepared for the impact of paying it at full some.

Not to mention if it is your fault and you have exceeded the quota, the insurance company would nonetheless complaint and still pay for the repairs.

So, stay on the quota as much as possible to save lots and lots on the repairs.

Get to know how the system runs within the circle: you to your insurance company to their chosen auto body shop Vancouver.

It is quite fine to be satisfied with the insurance company’s chosen auto body shop.

However, you should know that most of the time, these insurance – linked – auto body shops do what the auto body shop Vancouver specialist call “short – cut repairs”.

This is for the fact that they do business with a pre – negotiated or fixed rated charges to which they could not add on despite the long hours of labor.

So, better clear it up if you’ll stick with such system or get to look for another shop.

If you have decided to go away with the insurance – linked – auto body shops, visit an auto body shop and get to know what needs to be worked on your car and their estimates.

Once you have all those, phone at least three or four more shops to compare their rates.

Whichever offers and guarantees you more and great work for a minimum fee then that will be the shop where you should tow your car to.

Check what parts needs to be replaced and what will be used as replacements.

Know that original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts do cost a lot as compared to the generic or salvage parts.

If you let your insurance pay for all the repairs on the damages then tell the auto body shop Vancouver to make use of the OEM parts.

You’ll save a lot and still get supreme quality of parts.

Otherwise, go for he generic parts.

Do research on the shop’s history of complaints, credentials, authentication and reputation by simply looking it up through the Better Business Bureau website or phone your province’s attorney general office to let them look any cases that the shop got involved with.

Never be mystified or hypnotized by your insurance company’s offer of providing warranties for the replaced parts.

Remember, every auto body shop or car repair Vancouver already do guarantee or provide such warrantees themselves.

So, avoid nodding to what your insurance company tells you to avoid any money – rip – offs! Lastly, make you sign – off requirement.

This is to know if all the repairs are done right and to detect any add- on fixing that you were not aware of.

Be vigilant to any money – ripping gig done by either your insurance company or by the auto body shop Vancouver you towed your car in.

Stick to these techniques and you’ll surely save a lot from your annual earning and get the great, genuine car fixing job there is.

Be wise.

Be the expert.

Rip – them off before you get ripped – off!

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