23 Point Inspection at Meineke

Are you looking to get a 23 point inspection at Meineke? Having your vehicle go through one of these inspections is a good idea for several reasons.

MeinekeYou want your vehicle to operate at peak efficiency and a good inspection is going to find problems before they occur.

Here’s what you can expect with a 23 point inspection at Meineke.

This inspection may vary depending upon what type of package you get but here’s the basics:

  • Brake Function – Every car needs its brake inspected so the brake inspection is an important one.
  • Lights in the Interior – The interior lights are looked at for potential problems.
  • AC/Heater – The heater and the air conditioning will be examined for problems.
  • Wiper Blades Washers – The wiper blades as well as the entire washer fluid system will be examined on the vehicle during the 23 point inspection at Meineke.
  • Light and Lenses – the exterior lights and the lenses will be examined in the vehicle.
  • Belts and Hoses – Problems with a belt or a hose is a common car problems and these need to ne checked on a regular basis as they can wear out.
  • Air Filter – filters always need to be changed and the 23 point inspection at Meineke will look for air filter issues.
  • Fluids – the fluids in your vehicle may need adjusting or replacing such as new oil and other fluids
  • Battery – Without a good battery your car won’t start.

The inspection will look at the battery and replace it if it’s needed.

Worn contacts may also be cleaned to get a better battery connection.Tires – The tires will be checked for leaks and the pressure will be adjusted.

By having properly inflated tires, you’ll have a smoother ride and better gas mileage.

If you have bad tires they will need to be replaced.

  • Fuel Indicators –These indicators will be checked for problems.
  • Ignition Wires – The injection system of the vehicle will be checked.
  • Cabin Air filter – The interior air filter will be inspected.
  • Struts and Shocks – With poor shocks and struts you’ll have a bumpy ride.

The 23 point inspection at Meineke will address these issues if you have them.

  • Suspension – The entire suspension system of your vehicle will be looked at for the right alignment and levels for your vehicle.
  • Exhaust – the muffler system will be checked for holes and leaks and a new muffler installed if warranted.
  • Axle System – The vehicle axel will be inspected for problems.
  • Motor Mounts – The mounts of the vehicle will be looked at.
  • Fuel Filter– The levels of your fuel will be inspected.
  • Ignition – The entire ignition system will be examined.
  • Distributor – The distributor system will be inspected during the 23 point inspection at Meineke.
  • Oil Change – The oil will be changed if it’s necessary.
  • Rotors/Drums – The rotors and drums of the brakes will be looked at.

This is the basic 23 point inspection at Meineke! The inspection may be more or less involved.

This is just a general guide as to what to expect.

Speak to a Meineke representative for the full features of this inspection.

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