Oil Change Deals

Oil changes are a very lucrative business, and while they may not cost a lot themselves, the service is designed to get a person in the door to buy additional services. Dealer service areas, as well as quick oil change franchises, will often bundle other items into an oil change. Added items may include cleaning the windows, vacuuming the interior of the vehicle, checking and refilling all the other fluids, and much more. Oil change coupons can help with some of the cost and save money.

There are always discounts available. From mailers by Val-Pak, to an oil change coupon on the back of grocery receipts, there are discounts available for everyone. Dealerships are the most expensive service department. That’s because it’s in the agent’s interest to keep people coming back for service because their salary is based on how much they take in. As long as vehicle owners keep an accurate service record, they can save $10-$15 (and sometimes more) by using n oil change coupon at other sites.

Vehicle owners will also see lots of options for motor oil. Traditional motor oil is made from crude oil. It is usually cheaper than synthetic oil but synthetics are made to make an engine run more efficiently. And now, there are motor oils made up of up to 50 percent recycled oil. Some auto service centers will offer lower oil change prices if vehicle’s driver uses their brand of oil. Wal-Mart oil change centers, for instance, will offer as much as $5 or more off if their Wal-Mart brand oil is used. Many of the oil change companies also offer discounts. The best way to guarantee getting the lowest price available is to use an oil change coupon. In most cases, this will help the keep cost down and oil change experiences positive, as well as keeping the vehicle running as efficiently as possible. Regular oil changes undeniably increases the life of a vehicle by minimizing wear and tear on the motor.

Jiffy Lube

A little money goes a long way at Jiffy Lube oil change express location, where the employees are dedicated to giving all their customers more for their money with or without a Jiffy Lube coupon. A visit to the Jiffy Lube web site is the easiest way to check out the latest Jiffy Lube coupon and discount offers to help get the most out of preventive maintenance service needs. Each Jiffy Lube Signature Service Oil Change includes up to 5 quarts of quality motor oil, an oil filter, and more: – Vacuum all the floors in the car – Check tire pressure – Check and top off all engine fluids A Jiffy Lube coupon gives drivers discounts on all of the offered car care services offered at any Jiffy Lube service center.


A Firestone oil change can keep any vehicle engine running newer, longer, and allows vehicle owners to keep up with their vehicle’s most regularly needed service. Firestone Complete Auto Care offers a complete line of synthetic blend and full synthetic motor oils and oil change services. Synthetic motor oils offer superior engine protection, far longer than any conventional motor oil. And Firestone service centers make it easy to find the oil change priced to a driver’s specific needs.

By going to its web site, http://www.firestonecompleteautocare.com/auto-services/oil/, interested individuals can find out more information about deals, coupons and services offered Firestone. A Firestone high performance synthetic blend is not a conventional oil change. An exceptional motor oil that is used in a Firestone oil change, at a reasonable price, merges superior anti-wear and other additives to make it superior at making engines run smoothly. High mileage synthetic blend renewed life for vehicles over 75,000 miles is the Firestone oil change lubricant for old cars with high mileage.

Advanced protection for these vehicles can help decrease oil usage, reduce leaks, and lessens exhaust smoking. Full synthetic up to the most demanding climates and conditions provides the most protection for today’s high performance engines. It is an outstanding upgrade for all cars and trucks that provides protection much better than conventional or synthetic blend oils. It is also provides superior protection in all driving conditions and in extreme temperatures. At Firestone, an oil change includes a new oil filter installation, up to 5 quarts of motor oil, a 3-month / 3,000-mile warranty on the oil change. By making use of the Firestone oil change, car owners can save on gas.

Changing the motor oil on a regular basis helps coat and protect all of the vital engine parts from excessive friction and heat. The longer a vehicle goes between oil changes, the more the oil thickens and the less effective it becomes against engine wear and damage. Why should drivers choose a Firestone oil change? Most “in-and-out” oil change service centers provide very limited benefits beyond a fast oil change. Firestone Complete Auto Care offers a whole lot more. Firestone service technicians perform over six million oil changes a year. But they’re not just motor oil experts. They also provide a one-stop shop for all vehicle maintenance, repair and tire needs.

Firestone service centers hire ASE-certified general automobile technicians everywhere, giving drivers the most complete service available anywhere. Along with the oil change, they offer a free courtesy check, which is a 19-point inspection to determine the condition of all of the visible car parts. By having regular oil changes, it protects the engine and maintains fuel efficiency.

Oil Change Frequency

All engines and even simple mechanisms that require lubricants indeed have to follow a certain oil change frequency as it relates to keeping the engines maintained.

Even the best type of oil comes with an expiration date.

After long use, the impure oil will cease to function as expected.Oil change interval

Your engine and its operation would then be compromised.

How often your engine oil should be changed depends on many recommendations.

The recommendations are based on how and when the performance level of the fluid would be lessened.

The frequency of your engine oil to be changed is in accordance to the normal engine condition.

The schedule is also based on the kind of engine.

The frequency would vary since the different kinds of engines have their own capabilities and properties that could depend on its lubricant.

Manufacturers indicate their schedules according to the distance the vehicle has traveled.

The size of the engine also is a variable to be based on when the frequency of the changing engine oil is mentioned.

For mechanisms and machines, the working time is based for its lubricant to be scheduled for replacement.

An estimated schedule is given with respect to the last time the oil has been changed.

The frequency of the engine oil to be changed is recommended mostly by the manufacturers.

They know what is best for their products and one of their advice’s involves the lubricant.

As you travel on your vehicle, it is always possible for the engine to accumulate dust and dirt.

The unwanted substances within the engine could only be eliminated by changing the lubricant since the substances easily attach with the fluid.

Therefore, it takes oil changing in to keep the engine of your vehicle clean.

If the frequency of the oil change does not follow the schedule recommended, the dirt would increase as you use your vehicle.

The dirt would then absorb the lubricant to the extent that the fluid can no longer function as expected.

As an effect, not only the performance of the engine is at stake but the lifespan of the engine itself.

The performance of the engine would be badly affected with a lubricant that cannot serve its purpose completely.

The parts of the engine would then be damaged since there is no proper lubrication to protect them from the friction that destroys connected parts.

The bottom line is your engine is likely to have a breakdown which means it could be dead.

You can have two options to comply with the scheduled frequency to change the engine oil of your vehicle.

One is to have it done by expert automotive mechanics in a service center and the other option is to have it done by you personally.

Both options involve money wherein you pay for the fresh lubricant to replace the used volume within the engine, and the experts to do the changing for you.

The other option still would cost you the lubricant to refill for the drained volume of the used oil.

You also have to use your own equipment for the job which also has a price.

It would then be up to you if you have the time and effort to change your engine oil by yourself or you could spare little time in going to the experts.

Both of the options involve expenses that have to be allocated for best results and the benefit of your engine.

Oil Change Extractor

An oil change extractor is essential for the total draining of the used oil from the engine.

Pumps of any type could provide the force necessary to vacuum or sip the lubricant from your equipment or engine.

The extractor for the old lubricant involves pumps that are manually and machine operated.

Oil pumpManually operated units do not have any motor included in its overall design.

This type of an extractor is requiring your strength, physically.

The handle is one of the most important parts of the device since it is where you push and pull to produce force for the pump to function as expected.

The machine-operated unit has a motor to pump out oil from your engine.

There are lots of designs of the units that could remove used oil from your engine.

Each of them has innovations and features that have been developed through the years.

They are intended to be as compact as they could without affecting its affecting its performance.

Most of the units for the extraction of the used oil can be both applicable for the engine of your car or boat that is not so large.

However, their sizes cannot be taken for granted.

The small units have been designed and developed to have much strength for the removal of used lubricant from your engine.

The extractor is very effective in draining used oil from the engine.

The removal of the old lubricant is for the purity of the engine oil within once it is replaced.

It would be useless to change fresh engine oil if later in the process it would be mixed with small volumes of the used oil.

The effectiveness of the purely fresh engine oil could enhance the performance of the item in general.

The designs are in accordance to your preference.

There is surely one version of the extractor that would fit with your priorities.

Designs without motors or the ones that are manually operated could help you save cash since you do not have to spend for batteries or other expensive sources of power.

The manually operated units could help you have a physically fit body.

Pumping by yourself is a form of exercise that is good for your health.

Extractors that are automatic have motors to do the pumping for you.

It would save your strength that you could use for other tasks.

There are features of the product that would add to your convenience as they include do-it-yourself procedures that are simple to understand and follow.

The compact sizes of the units can make you feel more comfortable as you carry or bring them to where you want the oil of your engine to be changed.

There are commonly identified discouraging facts of having the extractor for your engine oil.

However, the existing oil within it has to be changed to prevent damage in the engine and its enhanced performance.

The most attractive fact that would cause a slight impact to your budget is its price.

They may not be that expensive but they surely would mean an extra expense.

Repairs and maintenance are common when you want the unit to last and perform as expected.

The extractors that are manually-operated rely on your strength and how fast you pump.

On the other hand, the units that have motors to pump out used oil for you require another additional expense for batteries or other ways to have it operational.

23 Point Inspection at Meineke

Are you looking to get a 23 point inspection at Meineke? Having your vehicle go through one of these inspections is a good idea for several reasons.

MeinekeYou want your vehicle to operate at peak efficiency and a good inspection is going to find problems before they occur.

Here’s what you can expect with a 23 point inspection at Meineke.

This inspection may vary depending upon what type of package you get but here’s the basics:

  • Brake Function – Every car needs its brake inspected so the brake inspection is an important one.
  • Lights in the Interior – The interior lights are looked at for potential problems.
  • AC/Heater – The heater and the air conditioning will be examined for problems.
  • Wiper Blades Washers – The wiper blades as well as the entire washer fluid system will be examined on the vehicle during the 23 point inspection at Meineke.
  • Light and Lenses – the exterior lights and the lenses will be examined in the vehicle.
  • Belts and Hoses – Problems with a belt or a hose is a common car problems and these need to ne checked on a regular basis as they can wear out.
  • Air Filter – filters always need to be changed and the 23 point inspection at Meineke will look for air filter issues.
  • Fluids – the fluids in your vehicle may need adjusting or replacing such as new oil and other fluids
  • Battery – Without a good battery your car won’t start.

The inspection will look at the battery and replace it if it’s needed.

Worn contacts may also be cleaned to get a better battery connection.Tires – The tires will be checked for leaks and the pressure will be adjusted.

By having properly inflated tires, you’ll have a smoother ride and better gas mileage.

If you have bad tires they will need to be replaced.

  • Fuel Indicators –These indicators will be checked for problems.
  • Ignition Wires – The injection system of the vehicle will be checked.
  • Cabin Air filter – The interior air filter will be inspected.
  • Struts and Shocks – With poor shocks and struts you’ll have a bumpy ride.

The 23 point inspection at Meineke will address these issues if you have them.

  • Suspension – The entire suspension system of your vehicle will be looked at for the right alignment and levels for your vehicle.
  • Exhaust – the muffler system will be checked for holes and leaks and a new muffler installed if warranted.
  • Axle System – The vehicle axel will be inspected for problems.
  • Motor Mounts – The mounts of the vehicle will be looked at.
  • Fuel Filter– The levels of your fuel will be inspected.
  • Ignition – The entire ignition system will be examined.
  • Distributor – The distributor system will be inspected during the 23 point inspection at Meineke.
  • Oil Change – The oil will be changed if it’s necessary.
  • Rotors/Drums – The rotors and drums of the brakes will be looked at.

This is the basic 23 point inspection at Meineke! The inspection may be more or less involved.

This is just a general guide as to what to expect.

Speak to a Meineke representative for the full features of this inspection.

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Money Saving Techniques on Auto Body Shop Vancouver

Have gotten yourself involve in not so serious fender bender situation? Have you intentionally bumped your husband’s car after seeing that he was having an affair? Have you accidentally avoided a little puppy and hit a pole? Surely, the first thing that you would cry over is the expenses you’d have to shell out, especially when the auto’s body needs to be thoroughly fixed.

Well, do not despair my friends as auto body shop Vancouver specialists share you their easy and quick money saving techniques in these situations.

Auto repairBuckle up and listen with an open mind and eyes.

People most often rely on their insurances to actually save their junk car and let it be rejuvenated by the insurer’s chosen auto body shop.

For most, this is quite fine, but for many they seem to have acquired less from what they have expected from the auto body shop.

Do you know why? It is simple.

For those of you who are quite satisfied with your insurance saving your day, just make sure you have reached their quota of repairs that is limited to $500.

If you have exceeded by another half, then you better be prepared for the impact of paying it at full some.

Not to mention if it is your fault and you have exceeded the quota, the insurance company would nonetheless complaint and still pay for the repairs.

So, stay on the quota as much as possible to save lots and lots on the repairs.

Get to know how the system runs within the circle: you to your insurance company to their chosen auto body shop Vancouver.

It is quite fine to be satisfied with the insurance company’s chosen auto body shop.

However, you should know that most of the time, these insurance – linked – auto body shops do what the auto body shop Vancouver specialist call “short – cut repairs”.

This is for the fact that they do business with a pre – negotiated or fixed rated charges to which they could not add on despite the long hours of labor.

So, better clear it up if you’ll stick with such system or get to look for another shop.

If you have decided to go away with the insurance – linked – auto body shops, visit an auto body shop and get to know what needs to be worked on your car and their estimates.

Once you have all those, phone at least three or four more shops to compare their rates.

Whichever offers and guarantees you more and great work for a minimum fee then that will be the shop where you should tow your car to.

Check what parts needs to be replaced and what will be used as replacements.

Know that original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts do cost a lot as compared to the generic or salvage parts.

If you let your insurance pay for all the repairs on the damages then tell the auto body shop Vancouver to make use of the OEM parts.

You’ll save a lot and still get supreme quality of parts.

Otherwise, go for he generic parts.

Do research on the shop’s history of complaints, credentials, authentication and reputation by simply looking it up through the Better Business Bureau website or phone your province’s attorney general office to let them look any cases that the shop got involved with.

Never be mystified or hypnotized by your insurance company’s offer of providing warranties for the replaced parts.

Remember, every auto body shop or car repair Vancouver already do guarantee or provide such warrantees themselves.

So, avoid nodding to what your insurance company tells you to avoid any money – rip – offs! Lastly, make you sign – off requirement.

This is to know if all the repairs are done right and to detect any add- on fixing that you were not aware of.

Be vigilant to any money – ripping gig done by either your insurance company or by the auto body shop Vancouver you towed your car in.

Stick to these techniques and you’ll surely save a lot from your annual earning and get the great, genuine car fixing job there is.

Be wise.

Be the expert.

Rip – them off before you get ripped – off!

Air Injection Reaction (AIR) System

Air Injection Reaction (AIR) System The air injection system reduces CO and HC in the exhaust of the engine.

An engine-driven air pump brings fresh air into the exhaust system or exhaust manifold.

The oxygen in the air helps ignite the unburned fuel in the exhaust gases, thus reducing HC and CO in the exhaust.


On some late-model Chrysler products, to meet regulations in certain states, the manufacturer uses the vacuum which is created by the movement of the exhaust gases to draw fresh air into the exhaust manifold.

An aspirator valve regulates fresh air flow.

Your car will have one of the following systems: an air pump, a diverter valve, or an aspirator valve.

Replacing the air pump.

Locate the air pump, which is mounted on the front of the engine and is driven by a belt.

It looks like a small alternator.

Free the adjusting arm bolt, and remove the drive belt, pump holding-bolts, and pump.

Replace the pump and holding-bolts, replace the drive belt, and adjust the belt as described in Chapter 3.

Start the engine and check the diverter valve with your hand as described in Chapter 4 and above right in the Pro Shop.

Replacing the diverter valve and hoses.

Primarily on Ford cars, the diverter valve is connected in the air line with the hose connections between the air pump and the exhaust manifold.

Loosen the four hose clamps that secure the hoses to the valve, the exhaust manifold tubing, and the air pump.

Remove and discard the valve and hoses, and install new ones.

Tighten the hose clamps securely.

Start the engine and check the diverter valve again.

Replacing the aspirator valve on Chrysler products.

Locate the aspirator valve, and remove the air hoses.

Loosen and unscrew the valve from the aspirator tube, using two open-end wrenches, then screw the new valve into the tube and connect the hoses.